GG #4 (Peace In the Air)

A quiet, digital island getaway sounded the ticket when this whole quarantine started, but I ended up losing my shirt in a bad turnip deal and now I'm in deep to the Raccoon Mafia. I don't even know how this happened. How is it my financial responsibility to pay for infrastructure projects like bridges and ramps? I ain't even making rent off these weird people that keep showing up and taking attitude if I accidentally talk to them twice in the same day. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Tammy! That's why your yard is filled with trash bags and flamingos now! Who knew Animal Crossing could be so stressful? Here, let's pull some weeds from Peace In the Air and chil- excuse me. CUZ YOU'RE A GARBAGE PERSON, TAMERA!!! Oh, it's on. Hold Momma's earrings, please.


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Peace In the Air is an I71 storefront located at 2118 18th St NW Washington DC that focuses on promoting their favorite local hip-hop artists. Delivery is also available! Purchase their downloadable album tracks, support local music, and get yourself free weed gift if so inclined.  And, if you use code TOKER when checking out, you'll get $20 off and a free in-house pre-roll!

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Today we're looking at Peace In the Air's GG#4. My gift was stuffed with a collection of several (roughly) half-gram sized nugs around one larger gram+ bud- certainly acceptable for an eighth. Tiny trichomes blanket the surface of these fluffy, light green buds, against which its many deep red hairs, the color of oxidized iron, really pop. A fair amount of sugar leaf has been left on the buds, though the extraneous stems have been neatly trimmed. Moisture levels are in the peak range, not at all dried out. Overall bag appeal is good.

This GG#4 has a wholesome, woodsy scent with hints of pepper, which adds a little zest to the flavor. The smoke is light, easy, and quite smooth. No acrid bite, no unsightly coughing fits. You could give this to your grandma to smoke, theoretically. I don't know if she even smokes. But if she does, then she'd like this. And if you'd call more often. Do you remember Billy that grew up across the street? Well, she ran into his mother at The Safeway and she'd love to tell you all about it.


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Peace In the Air's GG#4 leans slightly indica. Potency is sufficient to put me in a nice mood and ease some of my anxiety, but doesn't overwhelm. It won't put you to sleep if you smoke it during the day, but you're not getting any heavy thinking done. Even better, save it for when you're ready to relax and watch What We Do In the Shadows, cuz this flower's got a little giggle in its wiggle, if you know what I mean. Overall, the Gentleman is quite pleased with this flower. I'm sure you'll enjoy. Now come, Guillermo. Tonight, we fly!