Today we're reviewing FatBudz DC's weed delivery service! Speaking of delivery, the algorithms found these post-apocalyptic future fashion clothes for me recently and now I'm totally getting a trench coat with a half-face flap to hide the psychokinetic energy sparking outta my jaw-hole or a mouth full of termites or...whatever cool anime powers the jacket comes with. It doesn't say on the item description, so I guess it's random? That's fine, I'm pretty cool with whatever, really. The Gentleman is downright giddy with excitement, I can hardly wait! Just like you'll be when you hit up FatBudz! See what I did there? Did you see? Alright, alright, settle down.

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As advertised, the team at FatBudz DC was timely with communication, delivery and assistance, making for a hassle-free experience from start to finish. The FatBudz website has a simple and minimalistic “scroll-down” design making it easy to find the current menu, ordering FAQs and so on. The impressive flower menu, 20 strains in total, is divided into three separate categories; FatBudz’s Best, Extreme and Ultimate. At first glance, it was not obvious to an artless Percival Bigglesby whether “Best”, “Extreme” or “Ultimate” would possess the highest tier of flower.  As it turns out, “FatBudz Best” houses the top-end selections, whereas you’ll find the lower gift donations in the “Ultimate” category, but there seems to be some crossover between tiers. “Bulk” shoppers will find value within their Specials page.

FatBudz requires a $100 minimum donation for delivery. Upon finalizing my selections, I shot a text to FatBudz main phone number.  A response came within ten minutes and the order was set shortly thereafter. FatBudz’s driver was friendly and went the extra mile to reach me, despite the inconvenient and busy pickup location I requested. The gift was now in hand, and it was time to dig in.

GRADED: Animal Mints

I decided to try Animal Mints, the “fresh arrival” within FatBudz highest tier on their flower menu.  Boasting strong genetics, Animal Mints is a 50/50 Hybrid cross of Animal Cookies (Fire OG x GSC) and SinMint Cookies (GSC x Blue Power). 

I opened the gift to find an assortment of dense, globular, penny sized nuggets with a single pepper-shaped “champion” bud measuring in just over 3 inches.  While the composition of the gift left a little to be desired, the Animal Mints itself is undeniably attractive.  The smaller “popcorn” buds alternate in color, some grape and others pear green in color.  The largest nuggets boasts an attractive marble of the two colors, and appears almost like the bud was ‘dipped’ in purple like an ice cream cone.  A healthy dusting of trichomes litters the majority of the exterior, yet the trichome coverage is only more impressive after cracking open the flower. However, trichomes did not translate to resin production; my gift of Animal Mints did not possess much ‘cling’ nor did it stick to my fingers. Perhaps excess moisture played a role, the flower’s stem did not snap under pressure as completely dry cannabis generally should.

Nonetheless, Animal Mints emitted a fantastic aroma that quite literally stunk up an entire SUV.  The doughy “Girl Scout Cookie” lineage is instantly evident, as are distinct whafts of fresh mint, and OG-esque earthy diesel.  Each element conveys upon combustion. The pastry, earth and hash flavors homogenize into an oatmeal cookie-like inhale paired with a throat-coating menthol coolness. 

Here’s how Percival rates this Animal Mints:

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gentleman toker fat budz animal mints weed table

Overall GPA: 3.0 / 4.0

Need something strong for the end of the workday? Look no further than the tranquilizing and mood enhancing Animal Mints strain.  The effects aren't particularly fast-acting, but after 15-20 minutes the strain’s grip is inescapable. Like a runner reaching their respective “high”, I became very self-aware of the various tensions, now numbing away, that had been weighing down my body, limbs and shoulders.  Pair Animal Mints with some yoga, a massage, or a deep stretch session, and relief is almost certainly guaranteed.  On the cerebral side of the equation, I found Animal Mints to calm the mind yet keep me relatively clear-headed though slightly drifty, at least until the strain’s various sedating properties reached their ultimate climax.

ANIMAL MINTS is confirmed AVAILABLE at FatBudz DC.  Check out their menu and text (202) 977-8456 to schedule a delivery!

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