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Giving Tree is a unique I-71 storefront along the hip H St corridor in Northeast DC with a very cool throwback aesthetic, an antique shop where you can also get some weed in the back. Neat! Where else can you go antiquing in Washington? I mean, besides Capitol Hill. Ba-dum-tsss. I’m not saying that Congress is old, but some of these folks got to watch Citizen Kane in theaters (the cinema!). Thank goodness we have such experienced leadership at the nation’s helm at this time of rapidly changing- oh, that? That’s just SarcastiBot, it WARNING! SARCASM DETECTED! WARNING! SAR- does that, yeah, that’s why it was turned off. Don’t touch my stuff.    


I was obsessed with all the collectibles in the front of the shop, a well-organized collection of promotional ashtrays from half a century ago, aged auto garage signs, classic records, and other assorted knick knacks, but their primary focus is on prints. There’s a sense of purpose here, too, as the available print inventory is rich in variety but thematically linked- think ads you might have found between the pages of Good Housekeeping and Popular Mechanics in the 50s.  

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Giving Tree’s newly launched website doesn’t offer much info, but does have some gorgeous photos of their recent inventory, if you want to see the kind of buds you can expect to find at the shop. Guess we’ll just have to head over to 1236 H St Northeast and shop in person! Why not, Giving Tree is open everyday except for Wednesday (check out their hours here) and the H Street neighborhood is full of restaurants, clubs, bars, and coffee shops to check out, plus you can take the trolley there! When was the last time you took a trolley anywhere? Exactly! 

And here's some smaller stuff...

Here is some flower

All things serve the beam

Stephen King

Parking isn't too cumbersome in the adjacent neighborhoods if you prefer draining the precious lifeblood of Planet Earth in a more direct manner. The closest Metro stop is a dozen blocks away or so at Union Station, so it’s a bit of a hike, but you can take the bus if you are adamantly opposed to the clearly superior trolleys for some reason. Like, what is your deal? You know what, nevermind, we don’t have time to get into your trolley problem, Chidi.