Here's your week in DMV weed news!


Maryland cracks me up, man. After all their "oh, we gotta hold off on implementing the law that voters approved so we can study other state's programs" for years the Commission admits they were blindsided by the proliferation of management agreements between multi-state corps and local licensees. The Baltimore Sun has some excellent insights into How We Got Here.



Speaking of MD licensees! Dispensary licensees that haven't opened their doors yet only have til Sep 30 or will forfeit their license. Culta's owner suggests that anyone that hasn't yet probably has an unresolvable issue. Right now, there's no plans to reallocate any forfeited licenses.

Edibles have passed the MD General Assembly! Once Gov Hogan signs, the deed is done. While it was a silly omission to start with, I liked the ingestibles thing. There's way more calories in a brownie than a weed pill and I'm trying to get ready for swimsuit season!


Washington DC

Want to meet the Anti-Pot Lobbyists holding back justice, mercy, and progress via marijuana reform? Well, no, I'd rather they jump into the Potomac and forget how to swim, but Sun Tzu would advise us to study our enemies- so check this piece out.

MD Rep Andy Harris, one of the Congressmen that blocked DC from recreational weed sales, calling Adam Eidinger a "stalker." Oh, the lulz. Hey Andy! You're a public servant. If Eidinger stops by your office or waits outside a fundraiser, THAT'S NOT STALKING. If you can't take the heat, get that ass out the kitchen, buddy! The Baltimore Sun takes a deep dive on the animosity between the two.

National Cannabis Industry Association has a new director of public policy.

Renters allegedly trashed an AirBNB in Kalorama, leaving marijuana and cigarettes in the non-smoking property. But they took the big screen TVs with them!



Portsmouth's prosecutor is dismissing most marijuana misdemeanor cases to concentrate their limited resources on violent crime. Well, if that ain't the most reasonable thing I've ever heard out of a VA official! looks at the booming hemp flower business and asks "Is this legal?"And the answer is "Sorta, yeah, for now." Of course, the state has licensed companies getting ready to open their doors and they are definitely gonna push VA to crack down on hemp flowers from Smokey's Smoke Shop.

In Virginia Beach, a dude jumped into the water to avoid arrest, which didn't work obviously. But somehow he still got charged with marijuana possession. How the heck did he manage to NOT lose his bag in the water?