Happy Friday, my wacky, winged monkeys! What a gorgeous Friday to sit on the porch, crank up the Tom Petty, and enjoy some premium cannabis in the sunshine, eh?

"But we tried all the services you wrote about already, GT," you complain.

"Really? All of them?"

"Yes," you yawn.

"Wow. That's impressive. OK, what about Joint Delivery Co?"

"Who?" you ask, eyelashes aflutter.

Oh, so now I have your attention, do I? Well, fret not, cherie. Whenever I happen to find a hot new delivery service, I want to make sure my gorgeous and shockingly brilliant readers know about it and can get their hands on those good good gifts before they're all gone! Hence, another Now Available post ahead of the actual review, because y'all do not want to miss out on some of the hottest edibles brands around DC right now.

Joint Delivery Co is a new brand focused on providing premium smoking accessories. The website is www.jointdelivery.co. Edibles not your thing? Well, why didn't you just say so, home slice? They also have some of the terpiest, goldiest concentrate I've seen around courtesy of Honeycomb Labs along with a delightful assortment of flowers. Review coming up!