Special Sauce (529 Vapes)
Special Sauce Hemp Flowers Fresh bouquets of CBD hemp flowers just dropped at 529 Vapes in Baltimore! Not only do they have the Mothership I wrote about last week back on the shelf, they've also got this lovely Special Sauce, which, if you'll recall, is my entire character arc. After nine long seasons, Morty! The Special Sauce is finally mine! You can uuurp you can get your own at 529 S Broadway Baltimore, MD 21231. You can also get hemp flowers (or any of their other CBD products like topicals, cartridges, edibles, and so on) shipped to you anywhere in the US! Call 240-339-4019. TODAY'S HEMP FLOWERS: Amnesia Chem Dawg Jack Mothership Wet Cherry Mom Candyland [caption id="attachment_45728" align="alignnone" width="1080"] In the heart of Baltimore! Call 240-339-4019[/caption]