Tangie Live Resin from KindBag DC

KindBag DC (now defunct) is expanding their gift menu beyond their delightfully aromatic flowers to include edibles, canna-butter (for making your own edibles or smear it right on some bread, why mess about, right?), tinctures, and a curated selection of fine concentrates.

KBDC reached out to your Gentleman to get his thoughts on the new Tangie Live Resin that is available now (psst...you're looking for the Candles gifts).

Some true fire keeps me from getting down with all the terrible headlines about. I've had Tangie flowers from the DC dispensaries- they're decent, but didn't provide enough anxiety relief to make my regular rotation. This Tangie Live Resin from KindBag DC, on the other hand, tastes amazing, a bright burst of fresh oranges that is perfect for the uncharacteristically warm February weather. It feels like a lazy summer day at the beach inside my brain as negativity just slides away. It's great for the daytime- I can still think through my next steps with ease or let my thoughts wander along their weird, Stygian shores if I dab it later in the evening. It's potent enough that I have no trouble falling asleep after a dab later in the evening. The only thing I really have trouble doing while smoking this Tangie is getting angry about anything. Why, even our new US Attorney General Jeff Sessions looks a little bit like Kermit if you close one eye, spin around really fast and squint. KindBag plans to extend the diversity of gifts available to DC doorsteps even further in the near future and this Tangie Live Resin is a dynamite start.